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This deviation was deleted

It turned out lovely my good buddy. I like it a lot. As an artist with no great amount of skill i now put in my input!
I know you are planning to practice anatomy and i think thats good. The hand looks odd to me, i think it is the thumb? Practice will help. Also his cheek bone, to me, seems out of place or lined oddly. It almost looks like a scar.
The shading/coloring looks very good. I love the way you put in so many colors to his skin. Love the purple in it. The only thing i would change is the purple of his arm. I like how its like a bruise towards the middle of his arm, but it turns too pinky-purple as you go. Personally i like the more bruised effect.
This might not be helpful, but the hair..i love how its dark, and there is so much detail in it when you click to zoom in, i think its a shame you cant really tell from zoomed out. Maybe somehow fine a way to show all your detail with darker hair. I know when you do lighter hair im always in awe. So maybe just practice more dark hair? But what do i know :iconsparklesmileplz:
Hope im helpful. Really lovely job buddy. Hes a fine specimen of a man.
PS. The star rating doesnt really mean much to me, im no good at rating with stars, i hope my words are more helpful.
(wow that sounded almost cheesy)
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Karabou, I love you! And yes that rhymed. :3

I actually find your critique very helpful especially with the parts that I do tend to mess up. xD Hah, and yes I wish the hair came out more detailed but I did it a bit different this time so it was weird-- Practice, Practice, Practice, really is the key.

Thank you for taking your time in writing such a thoughtful paragraph. :3
Karadactyll Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh im just here to help in your rise to fame. That way i can be like..."Dude, i know that chick. Thats my best friend right there...i was her fan first. Sucks to suck."
:la: Remember I told you I will be dragging you along with me?
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